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Sharing drag & drop'ped priorities across smart lists

gordon.bazeley says:
Hi there,
It would be really useful to share drag and drop'ped priorities across lists (at least in my particular set up)

I have a couple of smart lists:
List is work
Due date is before Tomorrow

List is work
Due date is Tomorrow

What I'd love to be able to do is:
* On day 1 go to "Tomorrow" list and drag and drop the priorities of work so that when I come into work ...
* ... on day 2 and look at the "Today" list I already have the work prioritised and can get straight to work

What happens right now is:
* On day 1 I set the priorities on the "Tomorrow" list
* On day 2 the tasks which were in the "Tomorrow" list are now in the "Today" list and are in a random (as far as I can see) order

This was also mentioned in this support post
[Remember The Milk - Forums / Help / drag and drop order for next day](
Posted at 6:33am on April 28, 2019
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