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Sort tasks by estimated time

geom.fabiano says:
Is it possible sort tasks by estimated time?
For me it would be useful to see short time tasks when I have time left, for fill in the gaps.

Per me sarebbe bello che i compiti si potessero ordinare per tempo stimato in modo che potrei vedere i compiti di più breve durata e riempire i buchi lavorativi con le mansioni più brevi.
Posted at 12:26pm on April 8, 2019
geom.fabiano says:
sorry, this possibility exist too
Posted 12 months ago
geom.fabiano says:
but don't exist possibility to sort TASKS AND SUBTASK togheter by estimated time. Thanks
Posted 12 months ago
dbsk says:
This feature has already been implemented, but only for pro users.
Posted 11 months ago
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