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Progress bar when updating time zone

Started by mwyadartm Web app0 comments

enable hashtag use in task details pane

Started by goughkevin Web app1 comment

Print tasks selected by Tag - along with their sub-tasks and comments

Started by alex.romanov Web app0 comments

Password save for desktop app

Started by mshancock Web app1 comment

Sticky Notes

Started by alan74063 Web app1 comment

Allow switching lists while adding a new task

Started by merebell Web app0 comments

Drag and Drop tasks into list, tags, locations, etc. in the left sidebar

Started by cblupo Web app0 comments

Ability to upload files to tasks

Started by cblupo Web app0 comments

isFirstSubtask for Smartlists

Started by philipp.boksberger Web app1 comment

More advanced clipboard pasting - copy list from another app and parse as separate tasks in RTM

Started by joeyvandijk Web app0 comments

Select tasks and copy to clipboard

Started by joeyvandijk Web app0 comments

Re-order the left menu

Started by geojono Web app0 comments

Multiple lists in multiple tabs

Started by karltowle Web app0 comments

Sort tags by number of tasks

Started by pierre.steckmeyer Web app0 comments

Advanced Search Function for First Item in List (GTD Next Actions)

Started by nbooker Web app0 comments

Make "evernote:///" urls in the notes clickable

Started by devarni Web app2 comments

Custom sort according to specific tags

Started by cwhite79 Web app0 comments

Keyboard shortcut for switching lists

Started by tclaiborne Web app0 comments

Email edits to a task

Started by jstaso Web app0 comments


Started by fant Web app2 comments