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"Smarter Add" combo keyboard shortcuts

7ohnf1ne says:
While in "Smart Add" mode, I often use the same 2 or 3 keyboard shortcuts repeatedly, so it would be really convenient to be able to assign a shortcut key to that particular combo of Smart Add shortcut keys and values. For example, I am working hard on "projectx", so I add a lot of tasks to it, and when they are important tasks, I generally want to set their priority to 1 and their Due Date to 1 week from now. Currently I type (and pick from the pickers):

My next important task #projectx !1 ^1 week

No sweat the first time I type "#projectx !1 ^1 week", but getting a little tedious the 100th time.

Wouldn't it be cool to be able to associate:

#projectx !1 ^1 week

With a shortcut key like, say, Ctl-Alt-1, so when I hit Ctl-Alt-1 within the Smart Add textbox, RTM fills in:

#projectx !1 ^1 week

So I could Smart Add this task by typing:

My next important task Ctl-Alt-1

It would be Smarter Add!

There would need to be some UI for building the association between the shortcut keys and values, and the "smarter add" shortcut keystroke - perhaps simply a "Smarter Add" copier that grabs the Smart Add properties from an existing task and assigns it one of a set of predefined keystrokes (like, say, Ctl-Alt 1 through 10).
Posted at 4:25pm on September 11, 2019
mbrandonpace says:

In the meantime, I'm using AutoHotkey for this.

It's only on PC, but there might be a similar Mac app.
Posted 6 months ago
7ohnf1ne says:
Thx for that tip, Brandon!
Posted 6 months ago
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