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Permit repeating tasks with start date but no due date

productiveman says:
It would be very helpful to be able to set up a repeating task that, when completed, creates the next instance of that task with a new start date set at a future date after the specified interval.

Many people find it helpful to only use due dates that are "real" and not arbitrary (fake). That way, we can see the things that are REALLY due, like "pay tax bill" or "reply to jury duty summons", without such tasks being buried among other dates that are not as "hard," such as "mow lawn" or "buy flowers."

Example: "Change air filter" does not need to be absolutely done in 3 months, but on the other hand I don't need to do it sooner, either. Thus, the task should, upon completion, be set with a start date 3 months after the date I complete it.
Posted at 12:59pm on November 28, 2019
azclaire says:
While you can’t do that with Start Date, you can do that with Due Date. Upon completion, my "Change the Filters" task regenerates using the "repeat after 3 months" (or after 90 days or weeks).

You can control them showing/not showing on a list by giving those variable tasks a specific tag like Variable or Whenever or DontForget.

Create a Smart List for your firm due date tasks including "and not tag:Variable" in your search parameters.

Then, click on Variable in the tag list to see just that type of tasks.

Posted 4 months ago
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