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Small yet really annoying inconsistencies in the UI (Web and Android)

pawelkaleta says:
There are several things in the UI's design which I really don't understand - they are not critical issues, but definitely make the UI less consistent and it would be great if it could be made more convenient:

1. (Web and Android) While entering tasks - what is the point of the merged icon for Tags and List selection - why they are not separated? Especially that icons above tasks lists are seperated so there is dedicated icon for Tags and Lists. Additionally the merged icon doesn't look different - it looks like ordinary List icon and doesn't give any hint that Tags are also listed there. Of course, you can simply remember that..
Couldn't be those two icons separated in the form for new task creation? (both in Web and Android)

2. (Web and Android) The order of icons vary depending on which part of UI you are looking at - when you enter task its' different than while editing existing task, and different in Web vs Android app (for example Start Date icon follows Due Date icon but sometimes it's the opposite)
Could the order of icons be simply the same everywhere?

3. (Web) When editing existing task, I can play with almost all attributes on the right part of screen but for some reason Priority attribute can be changed only from icon above the tasks list and not in task's details view so you need to move your mouse back and forth to change it. The same for 'Mark as complete' button.
Wouldn't it be more convenient to have possibility to modify all attributes of given task with no exceptions in the right part of UI?

4. (Android) In the tasks list view I can tap & hold on given task which brings small menu allowing modification of attributes, which is really great and convenient. But again - I cannot change all of the attrributes that way - Start Date or Location are missing so if someone is using it a lot, then you need to go to given task's details, then click 'Edit' icon and then modify the attribute. What is more - the list of attributes you can modify that way is different for subtasks (so when you tap & hold on subtasks of given task the menu is limited to several attributes only).
Could you please allow all attributes to be accessible from the tap & hold on tasks list?

Thank you in advance.
Posted at 7:00pm on October 15, 2019
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