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Show Notes & Subtask section when creating a new task.

andy.marcoux says:
Currently when creating a new task with subtasks and notes you have to:
1. Add the Task
2. Save the task
Now the task gets dropped into the task list according to the sorting you've chosen for that task.
3. Find the task in it's assigned task list, click on it
4. FINALLY! You can add subtasks or notes.

I'd like to have the Subtasks & Notes section appear WHEN I'm creating the new task so I could do everything in one move.

1. Click on "Add Task" dialog window ➙ Subtask & Notes section appears

If that's too tricky to make happen, perhaps the Subtasks and Notes section could get a button along with the buttons for Priority, Due Date, etc.
Posted at 3:57pm on January 13, 2020
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