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Set attachments on multiple tasks at once

Started by johan.nilsson Web app0 comments

Have Smart Lists automatically update when tags or lists are renamed

Started by geojono Web app1 comment

Keyboard shortcut for sorting

Started by seowyanyi Web app0 comments

Optional Setting to Automatically Increase Priority

Started by (closed account) Web app0 comments

Bulk editing of start date with a keyboard shortcut

Started by benol Web app0 comments

'Bixby" Integration

Started by bhofsass Web app0 comments

Add inspirational quotes to the RTM loading screen

Started by dave.liao Web app0 comments

default estimates

Started by miccaman Web app0 comments

Add notification if someone add / submit notes

Started by r0ckabilly Web app0 comments

"Make due:" needs to include all days of the week

Started by taskmachine Web app0 comments

"Make Due" dropdown needs to include all days of the week

Started by taskmachine Web app0 comments

Export and/or more advance reporting option

Started by robheathcote Web app2 comments

Markdown support in the notes section

Started by cblupo Web app9 comments

Inline Note Indicator

Started by mcgaritydotme Web app0 comments

Paste multiple tasks or sub-tasks

Started by denkyu45 Web app1 comment

Tasks without a tag should always sort to the bottom if sorting by tag

Started by cupday Web app0 comments

'Sort by tag' uses 'drag and drop' order

Started by cupday Web app1 comment

Factor task recurrences into the total time estimate for the "This Week" list

Started by evan.fredericks Web app0 comments

Icons for hiDPI displays

Started by dave.liao Web app0 comments

Drag and drop into calendar

Started by eileeneh10 Web app0 comments