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Make JSON export Git friendly

rkhu says:
First of all, thanks for allowing me to export all my tasks via JSON. This helps me fall asleep much better since I now can put the JSON in a Git repository. However, I see that the JSON is minified, that is, newlines are not used after each element. Since Git diff compares lines I cannot inspect the changes easily, nor can Git store the tasks efficiently. I could run a tool over the JSON to format it, but was hoping that you could do it on your side. I propose either to add a check-mark near the export to disable minification or to make non-minified the default.

Thanks for reading and I wish all readers a nice day
Posted at 9:05am on May 20, 2020
rkhu says:
I just solved it in 5 lines of Python code. See For me this is good enough for now. Can this idea be closed?
Posted 10 months ago
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