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Jump to task in notification area

dbsk says:
Sometimes after I add a task, I think of additional information on it. Also, sometimes I hit Enter on accident when adding a task. I can see the new task in a small notification at the top of the screen, so I can click on that task and edit it. However, I know of no way to do this with a keyboard. I would like a new keyboard shortcut to activate/open the newly added task.

This keyboard shortcut could take one of two meanings:
1) Jumping/Go to most recently added task.
2) Jumping/Go to task in notification bar

Both of these would solve my primary use case/pain point. However, I suggest making the keyboard shortcut the second meaning. This makes it usable for more circumstances and more future-proof. For example, after undoing a tagging action, a message is shown describing the task that was edited. The same keyboard shortcut would jump to that task.
Posted at 6:38pm on June 23, 2020
mmoore100 says:
That happens to me a lot (needing to change a task right after I create it), so much so that I created two Smart Lists to deal with it.

Just Added - Added date is = due:today
Just Modified - Updated date is Today

I don't remember why I had to create two and why one says "due:today" and the other can just say "Today", but they work for me. They also list not only the task I just added or modified today, but also any I added earlier in the day.

I don't know if this would work for you, but it might be something to use for the time being.
Posted 8 months ago
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