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iOS 14 Home Screen Widget

Started by danielthulfaut iPhone app0 comments

iOS 14 widgets

Started by limitedmage iPhone app5 comments

print from app

Started by schwarzazur iPhone app0 comments

Setting to override Dark mode

Started by robotii iPhone app2 comments

Grayscale Color Tags to match Dark Mode in iOS!

Started by pdkres iPhone app0 comments

Swipe left options

Started by aaron.boydston iPhone app0 comments

adjust list displayed on ios widget

Started by russ.cork iPhone app0 comments

CarPlay Alerts

Started by pszaro iPhone app0 comments

Make a great mobile experience for time zone travel

Started by mwyadartm iPhone app1 comment

This task is due in X minutes - changing alert to better support smaller devices

Started by pelowski iPhone app0 comments

Darktheme 4 iphone

Started by marco_cadonau iPhone app1 comment

A mobile app with less clicks to edit tasks

Started by louisyurman iPhone app1 comment

Tasks grouped per day view for "All Tasks" list as how it has been presented in the "This Week" list view

Started by eddy.kwok iPhone app0 comments

Retain Settings Across Logins

Started by pszaro iPhone app1 comment

Automatically append a tag to a task created via the WatchOS app

Started by pszaro iPhone app0 comments

Repeated tasks should also be displayed at the future date

Started by eddy.kwok iPhone app0 comments

Search tags when adding

Started by kevingough iPhone app1 comment

New iPhone icon

Started by apb123 iPhone app1 comment

Allow setting profile picture from mobile app

Started by (closed account) iPhone app0 comments

url scheme / x-callback

Started by ueda.shoji iPhone app0 comments