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Tap and hold to postpone longer than a day

Started by daniel.schierbeck iPhone app0 comments

Ability to edit rich text notes

Started by charlie.fink iPhone app0 comments

One tap complete

Started by j03w iPhone app1 comment

Add tasks by voice

Started by tmfkara iPhone app2 comments

App badge setting to show number of overdue tasks

Started by williamw iPhone app1 comment

Send Push Notification only for specific (Smart) List

Started by dembo iPhone app1 comment

Option to have the time picker in 5 minute increments, rather than 1 minute increments

Started by guru242 iPhone app0 comments

Ability to archive and unarchive lists

Started by jacobkball iPhone app6 comments

Location-based notifications

Started by nick.henry iPhone app136 comments

Snooze button for notifications

Started by dice1976 iPhone app14 commentsAnswered

Ability to move to the previous or next day when viewing days in the 'This Week' view

Started by shump iPhone app2 comments

Local notifications (i.e. offline notifications)

Started by kike00 iPhone app14 comments

Recognize phone numbers in task titles for one-touch dialling

Started by halloleo iPhone app6 comments

Show nearby tasks on a Google Map

Started by nohant iPhone app0 comments

Ability to create groups of lists

Started by kevin.malakoff iPhone app0 comments

Automatically link contact names in tasks with iPhone contacts (e.g. 'Call Phil Burns' links 'Phil Burns' to contact info and allows calling)

Started by billings.colin iPhone app3 comments

Swipe to postpone

Started by lemayp iPhone app17 comments

Swipe to uncomplete

Started by chocko iPhone app3 comments

When selecting a due date from the 'Basic' list, show today + 8 days instead of today + 7 days (so you can make the task due on the same day next week)

Started by philipbowman iPhone app1 comment

Support for !0 and ^never in Smart Add

Started by sickanimations iPhone app3 comments