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Ability to create groups of lists

Started by kevin.malakoff iPhone app0 comments

Automatically link contact names in tasks with iPhone contacts (e.g. 'Call Phil Burns' links 'Phil Burns' to contact info and allows calling)

Started by billings.colin iPhone app3 comments

Swipe to postpone

Started by lemayp iPhone app17 comments

Swipe to uncomplete

Started by chocko iPhone app3 comments

When selecting a due date from the 'Basic' list, show today + 8 days instead of today + 7 days (so you can make the task due on the same day next week)

Started by philipbowman iPhone app1 comment

Support for !0 and ^never in Smart Add

Started by sickanimations iPhone app3 comments

Add specific list or Smart List as an icon in the tab bar

Started by honel iPhone app10 comments

Play an alert when the badge icon is updated

Started by bicklp iPhone app1 comment

More custom notification sounds

Started by paul.beattie iPhone app4 comments

Customizable font size

Started by varrus iPhone app24 comments

Allow app badge to show number of tasks in a list or Smart List

Started by wpreed iPhone app31 comments

Link to tags from the task details screen

Started by trimax iPhone app1 comment

Ask for date to postpone to when postponing a task

Started by ulises.pabon iPhone app4 comments

Spotlight search support

Started by schiegl iPhone app4 commentsAnswered

Contacts integration

Started by apbwolf iPhone app19 comments

When selecting tags, show as an indexed list (i.e. an alphabet allows you to jump to tags starting with each letter)

Started by (closed account) iPhone app3 comments

Show tasks due in a monthly calendar view

Started by jsantiago iPhone app1 comment

Auto-complete task name when adding a new task, e.g. if I type 'p', show previous task names 'Plan Trip' and 'Pay Utilities'

Started by conorporter iPhone app0 comments

Link tasks with contacts

Started by njw iPhone app10 comments

Show total time estimates

Started by pstoffel iPhone app2 comments