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Ability to archive and unarchive lists

jacobkball says:
I'd really like the ability to archive and unarchive my lists from within the iPhone app.

As a web developer, I have a lot of clients that I have a list for, but if I'm not working on anything for them at the moment, I'd like to archive them easily, so they don't 'clog up' my lists view. Then, if something does come through for that client, I could easily unarchive them to add that to-do item.

Couldn't there be an extra menu item under More that says 'Archive'? When you view that, you'd see any lists in your archive. Then perhaps a swipe to unarchive?
Posted at 2:06am on February 18, 2011
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Thanks for your feedback!
Posted 13 years ago
mburchrtm says:
This would be great for all versions. Also a Hide/Unhide options on the Settings screen. Since you're looking at it make the difference between an archived and unarchived list easier to spot. I find the italics too subtle as I'm scrolling down the list. I've got lists that I need annually or longer and want to keep the completed tasks with them, but don't want them on my task view. Thanks!
Posted 13 years ago
brendan says:
Thanks for your feedback on this as well. We appreciate it!
Posted 13 years ago
michaelcaruso says:
+1 for mburchrtm's comment about having this feature across all versions of the mobile app. I'd love this for the Android app to have this feature as well!
Posted 12 years ago
markstansbury says:
I agree that it would be very helpful to have a Hide/Unhide option on the Settings screen for archived lists.
Posted 11 years ago
mike.mclean says:
Any chance of getting this changed? I'd like to use lists for specific projects and archive them when the project completes, rather than just deleting the list.
Posted 10 years ago
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