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Recognize phone numbers in task titles for one-touch dialling

halloleo says:
In the iPhone app, when I have tasks like "call peter on 02 1234 567" I cannot call the number by simply tapping on it.

Posted at 9:28am on October 10, 2010
sbanawan says:
This is a simple toggle in Xcode, right? Data detection for the field, as far as I can tell.
Posted 12 years ago
waldir.leoncio says:
That would be nice indeed. Maybe it'd be even better if they introduced a "phone number" field.
Posted 12 years ago
henrikba says:
Definitely agree! I often put phone numbers in notes just to have them "clickable".
(so yes, that is a workaround, but it is a bit cumbersome to create notes just for a phone number)
Posted 12 years ago
josh.deckard says:
YES.. please do this asap...other apps offer it and it's an essential need of mine
Posted 11 years ago
rampager says:
Just incase anyone is looking at this since the new app launched, it's easier to do this since you can add a note at the same time as task creation, e.g.

Call Bob // 02 1234 5678

the "//" creates a note with the phone number, which you can then tap on.
Posted 7 years ago
jcb321 says:
This would really be useful and save allot of time. Most of the competition already offers it.
Posted 6 years ago
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