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Tap a task field to edit that field

neilgmoore says:
When user views a task, they should be able to click in the relevant visible field and be taken to a place to edit that field, without first having to tap "Edit" then select the field to edit.

Basically, there are too many taps required to make simple edits to a task.
Posted at 4:22pm on June 16, 2011
bernisim says:
I agree 100%, or at least double-click in view mode (i.e. after clicking on element in list) to edit it: now I have to click on "..." button and choose the very small line to modify it, so near to menu voice to eliminate it (as I did for error...).

There so much space unused (also on display of my tiny HTC Desire) that could be used to give direct access to functions without passing through unnecessary menu clicks (and I suppose it's not for clarity reasons: a button named "..." is not so explanatory...).
Posted 9 years ago
bernisim says:
Clearly, my comment was about Android version (and I'll post in that forum), but I see the same problem in iPhone version.
Posted 9 years ago
normanstone3 says:
Dittos. Editing a task title takes way too many taps.

Related: why is the task title only given one line while editing? In task title edit mode, the whole bottom of the screen is empty!
Posted 9 years ago
jean.davoust says:
+1. Too much click to edit a tasks. Just have a look to evernote app, and the ablity to quickly edit a field.
Posted 9 years ago
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