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Setting to override Dark mode

robotii says:
Please could you provide a setting to override the dark mode, so that we can have RTM appear in the light theme, while still having dark mode for other apps.

I prefer the dark mode for the system, but find the RTM app harder to use in this mode, so it would be great to be able to specify Dark, Light or Use System for this option. I’m happy for it to default to the current setting.
Posted at 4:47pm on December 14, 2019
zurbit says:
Agreed, please add this as an option. Many apps appear to be adding the ability to 'ignore' the dark mode setting in the OS. Thx.
Posted 1 year ago
trevorbibic says:
Wanted to throw my support behind this. As petty as it seems the app is less elegant in dark mode. It looks like a 90s geocities website ;-) Nonetheless, it’s time to look for alternatives. Mind you, I didn’t find anything that made me as happy as RTM the last time I looked.
Posted 1 year ago
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