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Categories for lists/Metasorting

Started by tillheinzel General0 comments

Option to add custom CSS to desktop applications

Started by ryan88 General0 comments

Option to Hide contact picture in the interface

Started by ryan88 General0 comments

Specifying a numeric 'drag and drop' sort order when adding a task via Smart Add

Started by stevenfischerwi General0 comments


Started by onlinemailnet13 General1 comment

Lists Notes/Description

Started by matias.vidal General0 comments

Block out particular days

Started by menage General0 comments


Started by gwendywilkinson General1 comment

Option to set subtask due dates as an offset from main task due date. Especially useful when duplicating template tasks or for multi-step repeating tasks.

Started by bcampbell General0 comments

Automatic advance by repeat intervals when task incomplete

Started by jamesmoranrtm General0 comments

Preview and edit lists before printing.

Started by smugssmith General0 comments

Order subtasks by drop an drop

Started by holl0w General0 comments

Stay logged in permanently

Started by parno General0 comments

Edit fields by clicking on it

Started by dg_going_uphill General0 comments

@ mentions

Started by kdwarn General0 comments

Search and Smart Lists for number of tags

Started by thomas.johnsson General0 comments

Simple Lists

Started by jnicholea General1 comment

"Uncompletable" tasks

Started by mackar General2 comments

New operator: hasSubtaskInList

Started by nicofremaux General0 comments

Make postponing a repeating task work finally..

Started by azaz44 General2 comments