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Support Google Fi as a carrier for SMS messages

Started by phazethru General0 comments

Restart Postpone count

Started by eoe General0 comments

Snooze time for start/due date time

Started by emielvdr General0 comments

Delegate task with notifications on accepted/completed/postponed/rescheduled

Started by emielvdr General0 comments

Week number for scheduling

Started by osdiab General0 comments

Better view for task hierarchy

Started by brotoc General0 comments

Smart Add - Multiple Tasks

Started by cozmokrmr General2 comments

Let tags/lists/dates/etc appear wherever they were inserted a task title.

Started by salustri General1 comment

Custom backgound image

Started by davidvg General1 comment

provide rich formatting in notes (bullets, numbering, bold font)

Started by mcguirep General0 comments

Option to make search notes the default

Started by kg7ski General0 comments

Subtasks default sort order: Drag and drop

Started by orsonk99 General0 comments

Add option to set Default Priority

Started by zainr General1 comment

Show task's List in the tasks view

Started by zainr General1 comment

visual cue if a delegated task has been updated

Started by andreaszock General0 comments

Formatting in Notes

Started by gsavadov General0 comments

Password Protected Lists

Started by jdeasy General0 comments

Local file uploads from computer/mobile.

Started by ikhider General0 comments

Contacts without email-address

Started by (closed account) General0 comments

Filters for Tasks in (Smart-)Lists

Started by (closed account) General0 comments