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Started by raftcup General0 comments

Option to add a description to lists

Started by kim.writing General1 comment

Sunrise and sunset time of day

Started by pac1250 General1 comment

Repeating Tasks to also update the Start Date

Started by jamesr404 General2 comments

MilkScript - bind scripts to keyboard shortcuts

Started by tvjames General2 comments

move tasks as subtasks using keyboard shortcuts

Started by chioxi General0 comments

Smart Lists: when adding a task, prompt asking which list to add to

Started by mddperkins General3 comments

Export selected tasks as text/outline

Started by davidbrake General1 comment

Sorting Notes

Started by countdiso General2 comments

New repeat option: after 0 days (meaning after ZERO days)

Started by jaykaplon General2 comments

Arrange notes in a task

Started by astough General1 comment

Smart Add Hotkey for Windows 11

Started by kern3lly General0 comments

organize tags/smart lists into groups

Started by emma274az General2 comments

archive/hide tags/lists

Started by emma274az General2 comments

show smart lists/tags together option

Started by emma274az General1 comment

Add an option to Postpone 3 months

Started by mwyadartm General0 comments

Additional Notifications: Shared Tasks Focused

Started by abhay.kushwaha General0 comments

Display more fields in List View

Started by milene.cha General1 comment

Add flag for error state when start date is after due date

Started by charlesdab General2 comments

Dopamine rewards: Sound + Tasks Completed Today

Started by antoinebugleboy General0 comments