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Wunderlist import

Started by lensaffair General0 comments

Make RTM desktop app have ability to be always on top of other windows

Started by halseys General0 comments

Task inherits deadline of soonest-due subtask

Started by salustri General1 comment

Task/project templates

Started by gordonrobb General0 comments

Show a sub tasks parent task in lists.

Started by gordonrobb General0 comments

Assigning tasks to projects (parent tasks) form within the task

Started by gordonrobb General0 comments

Checklist tasks.

Started by gordonrobb General0 comments

repeat after next Monday

Started by cappu1980 General1 comment

Hide tag when it's the only tag being searched for

Started by erichdongubler General0 comments

Duplicate task and date of the notes

Started by judykator General0 comments

Assign a task to multiple people

Started by tdmusic General0 comments

Change default tag color

Started by cavanaughmm General0 comments

Changing color of priorities

Started by jogonzal General0 comments

Allow infinite subtasks

Started by goughkevin General0 comments

Lower-than-normal priority (-1?)

Started by gioele General0 comments

Store Links to Local Files in the URL field

Started by markwilliams General0 comments

Group more than one field

Started by haze14 General1 comment

Notificate list member

Started by haze14 General0 comments

show task with a start date in the week view

Started by eeelya General1 comment

Hide unused categories on the left side for a cleaner look

Started by eeelya General1 comment