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Smart Add Notes needs way to include carriage returns/line feeds

Started by jaykaplon General1 comment

API for changing drag-n-drop order

Started by xdhmoore General0 comments

Mark tasks as favorite

Started by jooodi General1 comment

Data Encryption at Rest

Started by yeshan01 General1 comment

After "Every other (day)"

Started by tvjames General1 comment

New Search Operator: isCompleted:true

Started by tvjames General1 comment

Have shortcut for "yesterday"

Started by productiveman General1 comment

Hide overdue tasks in "Today" list

Started by ulinlam19 General2 comments

Postpone repeating ("Every..." format) tasks: Postpone One Instance vs All

Started by drdamski General0 comments

Subtasks default to due "Never"

Started by mwyadartm General1 comment

Optional Sound When Task Completed

Started by heyyoots General1 comment

Repetition after never - repeat after never

Started by anna.buhr General3 comments

tasks with no incomplete subtasks

Started by fant General0 comments

Separate All List into Days

Started by andreasspelter General1 comment

Time blocking support

Started by abhirjoshi General0 comments

Implement proper time zones support

Started by iroca General2 comments

Expand Alexa Options

Started by scott.kressley General0 comments

Daily digest 'send on the following days' toggle

Started by stevenff General0 comments

Notes for Lists

Started by tom27 General3 comments

Sort subtasks

Started by rabeckman General0 comments