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Full week in due date options

Started by maite.taboada General0 comments

Task Deadline Equal to Upcoming SubTask Deadline

Started by 522gage General0 comments

Enable attachment from pCloud

Started by mattias.hultman General0 comments

Subtask not showing

Started by migmae General0 comments

Sort order option by most/least recently added

Started by amandafrench General0 comments

Mail in tasks: Have the attachments be embedded in the note (link to dropbox)

Started by anders.holt General0 comments

Finding the tasks that are oldest, most postponed or similar

Started by kristus General1 comment

Select a Single Task to Take Over Entire Screen View

Started by rrss General0 comments

Random choice from lists/tags/subtasks/dates

Started by birrellwalsh General0 comments

Duplicate task upon completion

Started by antoinebugleboy General2 comments

"No Due Date" and "No Start Date" at bottom of Advanced Sorting

Started by joelatchaw General0 comments

Smartlist containing fixed number of tasks

Started by solarlynx General0 comments

Rank tasks by a "programmable" feature akin to Toodledo's "importance"

Started by salustri General0 comments

BASIC Pro account / FULL Pro account

Started by arr456 General2 comments

Realize dueBefore:"next weekday"

Started by (closed account) General0 comments

Associate emoji with a tag

Started by meonkeys General0 comments

Manual sorting of tasks

Started by fant General1 comment

daysDue - new search operator

Started by raymond.bergmark General0 comments

Add a new Smart List to Favorites during creation

Started by tvjames General0 comments

Shared lists - Bold it in web/app if new items added

Started by dgmckenna General0 comments