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Started by kdwarn General0 comments

Search and Smart Lists for number of tags

Started by thomas.johnsson General0 comments

Simple Lists

Started by jnicholea General1 comment

"Uncompletable" tasks

Started by mackar General1 comment

New operator: hasSubtaskInList

Started by nicofremaux General0 comments

Make postponing a repeating task work finally..

Started by azaz44 General1 comment

When grouping by due date, include active/ongoing tasks

Started by robfreundlich General0 comments

Pinned Task (Cannot Be Postponed)

Started by danielalbu General0 comments

Search for

Started by mcgaritydotme General1 comment

create 2 tasks when putting 2 due dates

Started by olivier.jeannin General0 comments

Postpone until next recurrent date

Started by onerror General2 comments

Task Notes Sorting Options

Started by dayoung24 General0 comments

Fix the timezone syncing problems between browser and desktop and mobile apps

Started by kdwarn General0 comments

Formatting options in notes

Started by ioparaskev General0 comments

Add option for default due time of subtasks

Started by pfaco General0 comments

Add field for 'collaborators'

Started by rabeckman General0 comments

Group by Due Date - Allow Ordering or Ordering by Due Date

Started by lordthundering General1 comment

Attach files (mostly images) to tasks & subtasks

Started by amber9904 General2 comments

Be able to select a shared location when you create a task

Started by martijnlinse General0 comments

"Next Step" text field as a main field

Started by whall General0 comments