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Rank tasks by a "programmable" feature akin to Toodledo's "importance"

Started by salustri General0 comments

BASIC Pro account / FULL Pro account

Started by arr456 General0 comments

Realize dueBefore:"next weekday"

Started by dennis.scheffel General0 comments

Associate emoji with a tag

Started by meonkeys General0 comments

Manual sorting of tasks

Started by fant General0 comments

daysDue - new search operator

Started by raymond.bergmark General0 comments

Add a new Smart List to Favorites during creation

Started by tvjames General0 comments

Shared lists - Bold it in web/app if new items added

Started by dgmckenna General0 comments

Add conditional statements (And/Or) as part of the criteria for Smart Lists

Started by kmazor General1 comment

View subtasks of tasks that appear in "This Week" view

Started by danielmoholia General1 comment

Nag mode

Started by apastuszak General0 comments

Limit total time estimate in smart lists

Started by johan.nilsson General0 comments

ability to sort tasks by number of incomplete subtasks

Started by earmsby General0 comments

More than 3 levels of nested subtasks

Started by lucyding General1 comment

Automatic deletion of tag with no item

Started by aegiap General0 comments

Have an option to increase font size of the printed lists, and to list sub-tasks (or not)

Started by shortydavis General0 comments

When creating a task allow to tag it right away.

Started by (closed account) General3 comments

Access subtasks after downgrading

Started by miels General1 comment

Attachment without a third party account

Started by marco_cadonau General0 comments

Categories for lists/Metasorting

Started by tillheinzel General0 comments