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Repetition after never - repeat after never

Started by anna.buhr General0 comments

Improve The App Icon on Linux?

Started by portmaconline Web app0 comments

Option to complete task and stop repeating

Started by mystwillow Web app0 comments

Submit multiple tasks at once (bulk adding)

Started by peter.smulders Web app1 comment

tasks with no incomplete subtasks

Started by fant General0 comments

Ability to sort the NOTES within a Task

Started by tony.llama Web app0 comments

Keyboard shortcut to page up/down a list

Started by jlquinn65 Web app1 comment

Separate All List into Days

Started by andreasspelter General0 comments

Option to disable notification grouping

Started by j7btrt6j7cyxcm2odd9o iPhone app0 comments

Android Widget Font Size

Started by vince.montes Android app0 comments

Time blocking support

Started by abhirjoshi General0 comments

Implement proper time zones support

Started by iroca General2 comments

Allow iCloud Drive for attachments

Started by jpulgarino New integrations0 comments

Expand Alexa Options

Started by scott.kressley General0 comments

Own Emoji-Font on Windows

Started by mapapo Web app1 comment

Daily digest 'send on the following days' toggle

Started by stevenff General0 comments

Notes for Lists

Started by tom27 General3 comments

Telegram Notifications

Started by sirlouen Reminders1 comment

Change only next occurrence

Started by druggiero11 Web app0 comments

Subtasks - Show completed and to-do in the same list

Started by mpux Web app0 comments