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Mark tasks as favorite

Started by jooodi General0 comments

Allow easy copying and pasting of multiple tasks (add line breaks between tasks)

Started by itwastrees Web app1 comment

Data Encryption at Rest

Started by yeshan01 General1 comment

postpone a task more than one day in the android app

Started by panek.uwe Android app1 comment

After "Every other (day)"

Started by tvjames General1 comment

New Search Operator: isCompleted:true

Started by tvjames General1 comment

Have shortcut for "yesterday"

Started by productiveman General1 comment

Hide overdue tasks in "Today" list

Started by ulinlam19 General2 comments

Move checkmark away from Save

Started by ulinlam19 Android app0 comments

Postpone repeating ("Every..." format) tasks: Postpone One Instance vs All

Started by drdamski General0 comments

Dark Blue Theme

Started by tracie262 Web app0 comments

Android 12 widget update?

Started by dave.liao Android app1 comment

Support for Surface Duo hardware

Started by dave.liao Android app0 comments

Subtasks default to due "Never"

Started by mwyadartm General1 comment

Bring Back Keyboard Shortcuts in Tooltips

Started by geojono Web app0 comments

Optional Sound When Task Completed

Started by heyyoots General1 comment

Make a task with a counter feature?

Started by andyjgonzalez Web app0 comments

Repetition after never - repeat after never

Started by anna.buhr General3 comments

Improve The App Icon on Linux?

Started by portmaconline Web app2 comments

Option to complete task and stop repeating

Started by mystwillow Web app0 comments