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Galaxy Watch App

Started by hollowins New integrations0 comments

Slack integration

Started by radoshi New integrations0 comments

Google Nest Hub Reminders Support

Started by sbeaudry New integrations0 comments

Integrate with open platforms?

Started by ikhider New integrations0 comments

Add attachments from local folders

Started by thomas.decker New integrations3 comments

Attachment uploaded form local files (allow multiple files)

Started by thomas.decker New integrations1 comment

Attachment form one drive

Started by thomas.decker New integrations1 comment

More attachment options: Nextcloud

Started by migmae New integrations0 comments

IFTTT missing use case

Started by olsansky New integrations2 comments

Popclip extension

Started by lbrt New integrations2 comments

IFTTT add a trigger new task completed with tag

Started by shev72 New integrations2 comments

Add support for RTM as a connected service of Spark

Started by stefano.falconi New integrations1 comment

notes ingredient for IFTTT integration

Started by cnolsen New integrations0 comments

A google chrome extension

Started by cblupo New integrations2 comments

Add attachments through OneDrive

Started by pibble New integrations15 comments

IFTTT integration - start and due date/time in ingredients

Started by mspelier New integrations1 comment

Asana Integration

Started by tdanylak New integrations0 comments

S Voice integration

Started by valantha New integrations0 comments

Share sheet for Mac

Started by dg_going_uphill New integrations0 comments

Integration with Momentum

Started by (closed account) New integrations16 comments