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Toggl integration

Started by amyr New integrations15 comments

Google Docs integration

Started by pertussini New integrations0 comments integration

Started by pertussini New integrations1 comment

Dropbox integration

Started by New integrations11 comments

Support for Windows 7 Jump Lists

Started by blade_tm New integrations1 comment

Executive Assistant integration (Android)

Started by gregorius New integrations1 comment

Simplenote integration

Started by daniellink New integrations1 comment

Alarms Express integration

Started by zshahab2 New integrations3 comments

BatchBook integration

Started by nlpeter New integrations0 comments

Vtiger integration

Started by andreamhill New integrations1 comment

Funambol sync

Started by kenv481 New integrations0 comments

LockInfo integration (iPhone)

Started by andrew.veresov New integrations19 comments

Mac OS X Services menu integration

Started by aleksi New integrations1 comment

Locale plugin (Android)

Started by miamiray New integrations7 comments

Smart Add from the Google Chrome address bar

Started by ams24 New integrations13 comments

GitHub Issues integration

Started by dotnetcarpenter New integrations7 comments

Safari 5 extension

Started by (closed account) New integrations25 comments

Windows 7 desktop gadget

Started by krysta New integrations7 comments

Add tasks by barcode

Started by krysta New integrations1 comment

Add tasks via Google Talk

Started by mathieupolo New integrations7 comments