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Toggl integration

amyr says:
form a partnership with toggl
Posted at 3:16am on May 21, 2011
emmersive says:
This would be great. Both Toggl and RTM are great and would work nicely together.
Posted 4 years ago
cbarsness1 says:
Any progress on this? I am going to try to connect by creating a sync through API tokens, so we'll see....
Posted 4 years ago
jzapin says:
I agree. Make RTM work with Toggl or some other timekeeping app.
Posted 3 years ago
verwinv says:
Toggl released an open source timer to work in other apps recently - would this be modifiable so as to work in RTM? Would love to see this work (and wouldn't know where to begin to make this work myself...)
Posted 3 years ago
vistar says:
Yes, toggle and toggle button be cool.
Posted 3 years ago
salvatore.bucaro says:
This would be very useful
Posted 1 year ago
chughes says:
Yes, please!
Posted 1 year ago
jzapin says:
Is this ever going to happen?
Posted 1 year ago
jzapin says:
Actually, I'd just like the toggl button to work with RTM. Can RTM make that happen?
Posted 1 year ago
umejam says:
I sent pull request to toggl-button project for supporting RTM.

I hope it will be merged by next release.
Posted 1 year ago
arp.denis says:
I would buy pro account even if it provides only this feature.
Posted 11 months ago
plainclothes says:
How does the Toggl button (Chrome ext) not work with RTM yet?

I think it's great that RTM hasn't expanded their scope to include time tracking natively, but you have to integrate with the big hitters.

I'm still using TickTick for day to day, but looking at RTM again (quick entry is so much better). Giving up the Toggl button would be a big inconvenience for me.

I'd pay for Pro to get other features, if the little things were resolved. As it stands, I don't know what my $40/yr is going to. It was $30 when I left a year ago and I don't feel like the app has come very far.
Posted 4 months ago
plainclothes says:
I stand corrected: I launched RTM on my other machine and the Toggl button is working!

Kudos to the RTM and Toggl teams. I retract some of my previous slam ;-)
Posted 17 weeks ago
doitnoww says:
I installed Toggle Chrome extension and enabled RTM in toggle but I am not able to see any toggle option in RTM , what do I do , Do I need to enable toggle in RTM too? how?
Posted 3 weeks ago
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