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IE pinned sites integration

(closed account) says:
It would be great to see that the pinned sites functionality (with jump list tasks) of IE9 within windows7 would be supported. This allows win7 users to see instantly that tasks are due. I for one think that this is better than whatever app you come up with since you don't have to open it to get an idea of the tasks that are due... + its easy to integrate! (more info: )
Posted at 5:17am on June 7, 2011
ryanttb says:
I pin the site to my taskbar at work and (until there's an official Win8 app) it would be nice to have a bigger cow head icon, like Google does with calendar.

It's only a few 'meta' elements away just for the icon.

Also, I can understand not voting on this issue but voting it down feels a little trollish :/ It's not a bad idea, it's just not useful to most people.
Posted 11 years ago
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