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Galaxy Watch App

hollowins says:
I love my new Galaxy Watch. It is super fancy. The bezel makes it super fun to navigate the screen. I would be thrilled to enjoy viewing RTM on my new watch! I don't need anything fancy. I would be more than happy if all it did was allow me to View Only All Tasks. That would be better than nothing! I would pay $5 for a Galaxy Watch App that does that. I'm currently using "My Notes In Gear" but it sucks so bad because it is so buggy; tasks frequently disappear so it is not reliable. Also the native Samsung Reminder App is also buggy and unreliable. I need RTM on my watch!
Posted at 5:21am on June 25, 2020
umoncur says:
Ditto. Would really like to see RTM on my watch. If I ever switch away from RTM, it will be because of the poor integration with other devices (Android Wear, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.)
Posted 2 years ago
kuelken says:
Posted 10 weeks ago
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