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S Voice integration

Started by valantha New integrations0 comments

Share sheet for Mac

Started by dg_going_uphill New integrations0 comments

Integration with Momentum

Started by (closed account) New integrations16 comments

Create external calendar entries when setting task's due date

Started by (closed account) New integrations0 comments

Integrate with Alexa List Skill API

Started by sanguinepenguinx New integrations0 comments

Integrate with Whatsapp

Started by pedrohardware New integrations2 comments

New RTM integration based on Gmail Add-on Platform

Started by bruzzi New integrations3 comments

Übersicht widget

Started by canburak New integrations1 comment

integration with Google Assistant

Started by molly.bierman New integrations36 comments

Telegram integration

Started by (closed account) New integrations4 comments

Multiple Accounts / Fast Switching

Started by rwilsoncla New integrations0 comments

Plugins for main browsers

Started by onerror New integrations0 comments

Google Home integration

Started by mjung New integrations22 comments

Amazon Dot

Started by nickle New integrations0 comments

OneNote Integration

Started by onerror New integrations3 comments

30/30 Intergration

Started by wilsontang New integrations0 comments

Generalized Locations

Started by zerzawy New integrations0 comments

Mindnode Integration

Started by cfournies New integrations0 comments

Google Keep integration

Started by tbar2112 New integrations6 comments

Google Drive integration

Started by meggerud New integrations7 comments