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Add attachments through OneDrive

pibble says:
Attachments to tasks launched today! (4/24/18). I'd love to see Office365/OneDrive integration or drag/drop from File Explorer. Thanks!
Posted at 7:13pm on April 24, 2018
brandonrichey says:
I agree with both of these requests! :)
Posted 1 year ago
(closed account) says:
I'd like to see this feature as well!
Posted 1 year ago
dandrake says:
Yes, integration to O365 and OneDrive is essential. Please add!!
Posted 1 year ago
edoardo.baima says:
that is really what would push me to purchase Pro. My company use O365 and many of our customers are also on Microsoft. Thank you!
Posted 9 months ago
drsachinjoshi says:
I agree with integration with Onedrive will make me purchase Pro. I use lot of Onedrive, not much Dropbox and no google drive at all.
Posted 5 months ago
cosmic_pilgrim says:
I would like to see integration with Onedrive too, thanks!
Posted 16 weeks ago
dcwelch23 says:
Agreed. Need the ability to attach files from Microsoft Onedrive to RTM.
Posted 11 weeks ago
scott.scheffe says:
Another supporter for this feature here!
Posted 4 weeks ago
richard.masters says:
Another vote here.
Posted 3 weeks ago
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