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integration with Google Assistant

molly.bierman says:
OK google, add [task] to Remember The Milk!
Posted at 7:25pm on April 19, 2017
stenemo says:
This works?
Posted 6 months ago
ben.a.parish says:
RTM has support for Siri and Alexa. Please add support for Google Assistant as well.
Posted 6 months ago
fromrahim says:
Please consider this for the next update, I was surprised to see this isn't already available, RTM is too feature-rich to miss out on something so obvious.
Posted 15 weeks ago
mbowes80 says:
Yes, this would make life easier for Android users. Please consider ...
Posted 15 weeks ago
sunil_gulati says:
Yes, Google assistant is getting much powerful than others and widely used. Would be very nice to have this integration.
Posted 14 weeks ago
sb.beaudry says:
It would be nice to use the assistant's remind me hot-word to create an RTM task. The IFTTT "integration" is not enough for my needs.
Posted 12 weeks ago
ann.q says:
Yes, please consider adding this functionality for google users!
Posted 10 weeks ago
earmsby says:
I would love to see this too. I always think of RTM tasks while I'm driving but can't enter them. I would love to be able to just use Google assistant to add them by voice command.
Posted 8 weeks ago
agentbanks says:
Please add support for Google Assistant!!
Posted 7 weeks ago
ben.a.parish says:
Now that RTM has integration with IFTTT, it should be possible to create an applet to directly add a task (as opposed to creating an email to send to your RTM inbox). But native integration would be a much better option.
Posted 6 weeks ago
jvaliante says:
Please add support for Google Assistant!!
Posted 6 weeks ago
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