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New RTM integration based on Gmail Add-on Platform

bruzzi says:
With the announcement of Gmail's new Add-on Platform (, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see an updated Gmail Add-on for Remember the Milk to allow easy transfer of emails to todo items.
Posted at 4:51pm on June 7, 2017
peter.smulders says:
Yes -- this would be a killer app, especially since both Keep and Taks (the only Google attempts at task management) are , well, severely limited in their capabilities.

With one-time authentication, we could have:
* Ability to create tasks from emails
* Link the email
* Link any attached Drive files
* Show normal and smart lists.
* A Smart Add capable entry box.
* On par functionality on mobile platforms.
Posted 1 year ago
balaji.pasumarthy says:
Any update on this? The Chrome extension keeps breaking down.
Posted 11 months ago
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