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Add attachments from local folders

thomas.decker says:
Working with my smartphone I want to add images (e.g. task lists on a white board) to an RTM task directly and easily.

Recently it's complicated and time-consuming: I have to move them to google drive and then I can connect them to the RTM task.

Although working with a notebook I would prefer uploading local files to RTM.
Posted at 9:48am on October 2, 2019
thomas.decker says:
Sorry, I misunderstood something: is not so complicated I thought using Google Drive.
Posted 4 years ago
ikhider says:
What if you don't want to have anything to do with Google or DropBox and just upload locally? This should have been a priority with RTM before linking to other services.
Posted 4 years ago
rmerkley says:
ikhider, I see your point, but probably harder to implement. Plus, RTM would have to store your file to make it available across platforms. Probably why they're leveraging Google Drive.

T.D. When you add an attachment, it asks if you want to attach it from Google Drive, or from your local drive, but in the latter case, it will then put in on Google Drive after uploading from you local drive. Does that not work for you? I thought the same as you, and wished for an "attach from local drive only" option, but then I thought about the work and RTM server storage space required to implement, and I'm good with the way they do it now.

That's my 2 cents.
Posted 4 years ago
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