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Themes for specific lists

Started by ataraxite General0 comments

Theme scarlet red (science: most positive color)

Started by janvanderploeg Web app0 comments

Add shortcut to launch MilkScripts

Started by ajmasia Web app0 comments

Obsidian integration

Started by mesmes Web app3 comments

UX: I always mix up start and due date because of the icons

Started by mesmes Android app0 comments

Allow users to upload own photos as themes

Started by jms.wolf1 Web app0 comments

Professional-Looking App Icon

Started by raftcup General0 comments


Started by mycowarrior iPhone app1 comment

Option to add a description to lists

Started by kim.writing General1 comment

Linux-Users: Flatpak

Started by fant Web app0 comments

Sunrise and sunset time of day

Started by pac1250 General1 comment

Repeating Tasks to also update the Start Date

Started by jamesr404 General2 comments

Group By List groups ordered same as Lists

Started by rfrancis Web app0 comments

Allow adding tasks in the location list

Started by tyisi Web app2 comments

Wear OS App

Started by syk3 New apps0 comments

Assign a task's estimate based on the estimate of its subtasks

Started by suburbanbuddha Web app0 comments

Include option to include tasks available to start in Today

Started by mystwillow Web app0 comments

Enable URL Links to Obsidian

Started by petejdc New integrations3 comments

More events in webhooks

Started by sirlouen New apps0 comments

MilkScript - favorites

Started by tvjames Web app0 comments