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Confirmation Option if Marking a Task as Complete When It has Incomplete Sub Tasks

Started by briantj General0 comments

Advanced Sort for Completed Tasks

Started by eoe Web app0 comments

Advaced Search Syntax for search by task id

Started by eoe Web app0 comments

Who name of task beside subtask

Started by drfrankbuck Web app2 comments

Duplicate Task clears out postponement count

Started by eoe General0 comments

Allow attaching files from iCloud

Started by iPhone app0 comments

Procrastination count option: add an additional symbol (⚠️) for every day a task has not been completed

Started by chamarin General0 comments

Time period (e.g. only in spring - summer)

Started by stefanstp08 Reminders0 comments

List of tasks: display list name next to task title

Started by entorb Web app0 comments

Get and Set Sort Order Using MilkScript

Started by rabeckman Web app0 comments

Kanban view

Started by deussen General1 comment

Repeat Interval: Calendar Weeks

Started by astrochimp General0 comments

Share a task with a group of users

Started by ricardochindi General0 comments

Improve subtasks+smart lists: ability to query subtasks based on parent attributes

Started by dgoldstein General0 comments

Improve subtasks+lists and smart lists: better options for when subtasks are displayed

Started by dgoldstein General1 comment

Support for 2FA / MFA

Started by eleuthardt Web app4 comments

Create new tags AFTER (not during!) editing the tags field, to be more robust to typos

Started by tsuioku Android app0 comments

An OpenAI GPT for Remember The Milk

Started by mark.thomsen New integrations0 comments

Allow main task to repeat - why can't I?

Started by jimmiedave General0 comments

More items on the Due dropdown list

Started by ikarushka Web app0 comments