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Start with Windows, minimized

netistul says:
I know you can do this by yourself but should be as an option, it's so normal to have it.
Posted at 11:32pm on March 27, 2022
netistul says:
btw, even with "minimized" on shortcut, it doesn't start in tray. So hard to set it by yourself to do this.
Posted 2 years ago
(closed account) says:
netistul - Are you talking about the RTM Desktop App?
I don't use the desktop app (I like the web app best), but you can set it to be minimized every time you open it by using a shortcut. It's a one-time setup:

Then, you can tell Windows to open that shortcut every time you start Windows by placing the shortcut in the Windows Startup folder.
Scroll down a bit to "How to Open the Startup Folder".

Once you have this setup (it's pretty quick and easy), then every time you start Windows RTM will start minimized.

Not perfect, perhaps, but it should accomplish what you want.
Posted 2 years ago
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