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Ability to 'attach' Evernote documents to RTM tasks.

Started by dcocks Evernote0 comments

Add tasks from notification shade

Started by evan.fredericks Android app0 comments

Add support for RTM as a connected service of Spark

Started by stefano.falconi New integrations1 comment

Manual sorting of tasks

Started by fant General1 comment

daysDue - new search operator

Started by raymond.bergmark General0 comments

Support for App Shortcuts

Started by evan.fredericks Android app0 comments

Have Smart Lists automatically update when tags or lists are renamed

Started by geojono Web app1 comment

Add REMINDER to default fields

Started by briantj Reminders0 comments

Add a new Smart List to Favorites during creation

Started by tvjames General0 comments

Search tags when adding

Started by kevingough iPhone app1 comment

Shared lists - Bold it in web/app if new items added

Started by dgmckenna General0 comments

Keyboard shortcut for sorting

Started by seowyanyi Web app0 comments

Optional Setting to Automatically Increase Priority

Started by (closed account) Web app0 comments

New iPhone icon

Started by apb123 iPhone app1 comment

Allow setting profile picture from mobile app

Started by (closed account) iPhone app0 comments

Daily Digest option to include started tasks

Started by lensaffair Reminders0 comments

Add "App shortcuts" to the Android app

Started by benol Android app2 comments

Bulk editing of start date with a keyboard shortcut

Started by benol Web app0 comments

'Bixby" Integration

Started by bhofsass Web app0 comments

notes ingredient for IFTTT integration

Started by cnolsen New integrations0 comments