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Specifying a numeric 'drag and drop' sort order when adding a task via Smart Add

Started by stevenfischerwi General0 comments

Asana Integration

Started by tdanylak New integrations0 comments


Started by onlinemailnet13 General1 comment

Paste multiple tasks or sub-tasks

Started by denkyu45 Web app1 comment

Tasks without a tag should always sort to the bottom if sorting by tag

Started by cupday Web app0 comments

'Sort by tag' uses 'drag and drop' order

Started by cupday Web app1 comment

Factor task recurrences into the total time estimate for the "This Week" list

Started by evan.fredericks Web app0 comments

Icons for hiDPI displays

Started by dave.liao Web app0 comments

Drag and drop into calendar

Started by eileeneh10 Web app0 comments

Seeing time estimate in each line

Started by eileeneh10 Web app0 comments

easy low hanging fruit, the option to turn "are you sure" questions off

Started by (closed account) Web app0 comments

S Voice integration

Started by valantha New integrations0 comments

Printing Lists

Started by mjrudolphi Web app0 comments

Lists Notes/Description

Started by matias.vidal General0 comments

Block out particular days

Started by menage General0 comments


Started by gwendywilkinson General1 comment

new iCal link with total estimated time per day

Started by raymoncy Google Calendar0 comments

Don't logout every month

Started by tutunak Web app0 comments

Easier drag and drop in the desktop app

Started by wkoszek Web app0 comments

Sort tasks by creation date

Started by wkoszek Web app0 comments