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Batch edit start date (similar to due date or tags)

Started by gioele Android app0 comments

Store Links to Local Files in the URL field

Started by markwilliams General0 comments

Widgets on home screen filter by tag

Started by tm36 Android app0 comments

Bulk Delete Notes

Started by dayoung24 Web app0 comments

Bulk Delete Notes

Started by dayoung24 Web app0 comments

Show tasks num badge in application icon on mac app

Started by drill_hidea Web app0 comments

Amazon Alexa Skill

Started by nickle Web app6 comments

Defaults on Lists

Started by nickle Web app1 comment

Group more than one field

Started by haze14 General1 comment

Overdue project count

Started by wejrowski Web app0 comments

Notificate list member

Started by haze14 General0 comments

show task with a start date in the week view

Started by eeelya General1 comment

Hide unused categories on the left side for a cleaner look

Started by eeelya General1 comment

Customize visible fields/columns

Started by dave.liao Web app2 comments

Add tasks to top of list

Started by ryan.behrman General7 comments

A button for pushing tasks to the top of a list (improving drag n drop)

Started by waillys Android app0 comments

Always show the day of the week after Today and Tomorrow in menus and text

Started by jaykaplon Web app0 comments

Parent task completed when all subtasks are completed

Started by ornorm Web app1 comment

Start/stop button on task (time logger on task)

Started by eddy.kwok Android app1 comment

Ability to filter tags when editing task

Started by mediaarts Android app0 comments