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Started by vinit.shah Web app1 comment

Allow login/logout of the app

Started by rybo99 Android app1 comment

The second level of sorting and sorting by tags

Started by vic1979 Android app0 comments

Option to show the tags on the left

Started by vic1979 Android app0 comments

When adding new tasks, any description after a !priority or ^date is missing

Started by davehongco Android app1 comment

Windows 10 app

Started by davehongco New apps8 comments

Using RTM as ticket system

Started by matrix089 Web app1 comment

Auto-completing tasks

Started by carmen.draper General0 comments

Ability to give/share and accept tasks

Started by flyingsaucrdude Android app0 comments

Automatically accept tasks from certain contacts

Started by flyingsaucrdude General1 comment

Adjustable Font Size on Andriod Widget

Started by choakchaih Android app1 comment

Location Based Task notification but using Cell Towers & not GPS

Started by brian12568 Reminders0 comments

Apple Watch Integration

Started by eriddy New integrations5 comments

Automagically include time estimates for tasks with linked videos

Started by ledhed2222 General0 comments


Started by jan.sosniecki Web app3 comments

Recover deleted task

Started by akozelko Web app0 comments

Include a list indicator in the task list

Started by mchojrin Web app0 comments

Put "All", "Today," "Tomorrow" tabs on Tasks page

Started by rnowling Web app0 comments

Pebble Time

Started by calexo New integrations2 comments

Set up an RTM Channel on ifft

Started by jstaso Web app0 comments