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Customize visible fields/columns

Started by dave.liao Web app3 comments

Add tasks to top of list

Started by ryan.behrman General10 comments

A button for pushing tasks to the top of a list (improving drag n drop)

Started by waillys Android app0 comments

Always show the day of the week after Today and Tomorrow in menus and text

Started by jaykaplon Web app0 comments

Parent task completed when all subtasks are completed

Started by ornorm Web app1 comment

Start/stop button on task (time logger on task)

Started by eddy.kwok Android app1 comment

Ability to filter tags when editing task

Started by mediaarts Android app0 comments

Chatbot Interface for Remember the Milk (facebook messenger, slack, etc.)

Started by brian888540 New apps0 comments

Show main task of subtask in task list

Started by haze14 General0 comments

Tag on creation

Started by haze14 Android app1 comment

Allow tasks with and without Due Times to be sorted within the same priority when on a list that contains multiple Due Dates

Started by egatlin Web app1 comment

Past Due Recurring Tasks

Started by jrheaume Web app1 comment

Keyboard shortcuts for drag and drop manual sort

Started by bgoler Web app1 comment

Possibility to hide tasks till a due time

Started by benjaminschwarz General3 comments

Show task period in list

Started by haze14 General0 comments

Option to auto assign new tasks

Started by haze14 Web app0 comments

Earliest due date in tasklist

Started by haze14 General0 comments

Endless subtask list

Started by haze14 Android app1 comment

Daily Digest info, expand task name with "List name"

Started by angel.mazo Email0 comments

Confirm marking multiple tasks complete

Started by pdalec General0 comments