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Task-Formating *bold* and _italic_ and +underlined+

tangoman1976 says:
When adding a Task, it may be useful if the task has highlighted Keywords.

For this, we don't need a special kind of editor. Have a look to Atlassian Jira. There we just place special Charakters to mark up Text passages.

Just like this:
- This task has *important Words* bolded
- This task hat _important Words_ in italic
- This Task has +important Words+ underlined.

When the special character is placed directly in front of the word, then the start of the formating is recognised. And the end of the formating is recognised by the ending directly at the end of the word.
So this won't work: * task in bold*
Nor this one: *task in bold * (the * will be displayed in Bold, because no end has been found).
If a start is found, but no end or an end is found, but no start, then it will be interpreted as wrong formating. And wrong formatting means: no formating. The special Characters will then be displayed just the way they have been typed.

If you need to format your task easily, just use the fitting characters, and your tasks *key point* will light up
Posted at 8:25pm on September 29, 2020
ostermann says:
* is already used by the "repeat"-option for a task.
But maybe that could be changed to another symbol like § or something.
Posted 4 months ago
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