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Unique priority

Started by ward.bergmans Web app6 comments

Ability to postpone to later in the date or fixed time

Started by justin.rousselle Android app1 comment

Enter into edit mode when pressing on the task details page

Started by cynthiashing Android app1 comment

Delete multiple tasks at once

Started by shekala iPad app0 comments

Ability to switch between multiple Remember The Milk accounts

Started by michael.mccusker iPad app5 comments

Option to keep notification "persistent"

Started by rnewsat iPhone app0 comments

Allow the widgets to work on customized lock screens

Started by wcitypoe Android app1 comment

Move + button to bottom of screen

Started by aleyzerovich Android app1 comment

Ability to quickly change list in the widget

Started by okolnost Android app0 comments

Printable lists from iPhone (and other mobile apps)

Started by itzg iPhone app2 comments

Alfred integration

Started by chris.calo New integrations3 comments

Allow custom priority labels (e.g. low, medium, high)

Started by jarrad.powell Web app0 comments

Ability to filter by tag within a particular list

Started by shekala iPad app1 comment

Allow users to change their Remember The Milk username

Started by alasnik General6 comments

Command to search tasks

Started by dedmonds Twitter0 comments

Trello integration

Started by seamus.bradley New integrations20 comments

Ability to complete and postpone on a pop-up reminder

Started by kerrpe Android app3 comments

'This Week' widget

Started by thomastsai92 Android app2 comments

Foursquare integration

Started by andres.riancho New integrations1 comment

Ability to show the due time when a task's due date is tomorrow or later

Started by blt.phoneaccount Android app1 comment