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Recurring tasks based on start date

brucknerj says:
coming from Toodledo I miss that I cannot choose to repeat from a start date instead from a due date. This would enable to use the due date for real deadlines, which is currently watered down by repeating routine tasks.

You can work around this with tags & smartlists or by putting the deadline in the title of the task, but it would so much easier simply to decide repeat from start date/repeat from due date.
Posted at 4:56am on August 15, 2020
(closed account) says:
If the Start Date is 7 days before the Due Date (for example), then the repeat would make the next iteration due as expected with the Start Date 7 days prior to the new Due Date. I'm not sure I understand the request.

Another example:
If I want the task to start every Monday with a deadline of every Friday. I would set the Due Date to Friday and the Start Date to the previous Monday. The Repeat would be "every Friday". Then, the next iteration would be due the next Friday with the Start Date on the Monday before that.

I guess this would not work if you chose to only use Start Dates and to not use Due Dates except for hard deadlines. Then you'd use a Start Date and no Due Date for routine tasks that don't need to have a hard deadline. Is that right? Yes, in that case, there would be no Repeating possible.

I use Priority 1 to indicate that a Due Date is a hard deadline and cannot (or should not) be changed. Priority 2 indicates that the Due Date is not a hard deadline and can be adjusted as needed.

Here are the Priority and Date rules I use for my RTM system:

Priority and Due Date
• P1 – MUST complete, has set deadline (mandatory start/due dates; due date = deadline)
• P2 – MUST complete, no set deadline (mandatory start/due dates; set/change due date as required)
• P3 – WANT to complete (optional start/due dates)
• P4 – MAY complete someday (optional start/due dates)
Posted 2 years ago
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