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Smart Add Notes needs way to include carriage returns/line feeds

jaykaplon says:
Smart Add help says:
Enter // followed by your note.
This is great unless you want a note that is more than one line. In that case we need to be able to indicate a carriage returns or life feed in the Smart Add text we enter for the note.
Example task and note I want to add in Smart Add:
> Status:
+ Do this step in task.
+ do this other step in task.
> Remember this info.

I want to enter:
My Task Name //> Status:\r+ Do this step in task.\r+ do this other step in task.\r> Remember this info.

Allow me to enter \r or \n to create carriage return/new line in a note in Smart Add. (I don't know if technically RTM is storing a return character or a new line character so insert whichever is correct but allow people to use the standard escape sequence for both to do the same thing.)
Posted at 1:33am on August 15, 2021
coasterguy53433 says:
Love this. This has been a real challenge for me, too.
Posted 2 years ago
darhull says:
I would also love this option!
Posted 1 year ago
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