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Smart Add - Linux - Ctrl+Alt+M on Wayland

kern3lly says:

Ctrl+Alt+M is sooo good, unfortunately it doesn't bind globally on Wayland (I heard it disallows apps from just binding global shortcuts). The typical workaround for this is to bind a new shortcut in Gnome keyboard settings to a call to a command - for example to toggle Guake terminal you can create a new shortcut there to call "guake-toggle" command (like from command line). Is there some similar switch, like: "rememberthemilk --smart-add" that would trigger opening Smart Add popup in the already running RTM app? I guess not, so I'm creating this ticket :)

BTW related help article: (would need to be updated).

Thanks in advance! :)
Posted at 5:32am on October 20, 2021
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