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Add flag for error state when start date is after due date

charlesdab says:
User story:
Sometimes I accidentally set the start date to AFTER the due date-- I want to find a way to capture this error in my "cleanup" smart list so I can fix it.

When you set the start date to after the due date a yellow warning icon appears in the task. This should trigger a bool for an "error state" Then I would add something like this into my smart list criteria "hasError: True".
Posted at 3:01am on February 21, 2022
(closed account) says:
On the web version, there's already a yellow warning icon. I see it on the Android app as well.

I agree, however, that having a way to see all tasks with errors in dates would be very useful. Alternatively, what about a Smart List that says something like dueBefore:startDate as a way to reference a relative start date.
Posted 2 years ago
charlesdab says:
@geojono either approach works fine for my use case. I'm happy to have the solution that is easiest for the engineering team.
Posted 2 years ago
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