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Display more fields in List View

milene.cha says:
RTM could be way more effective as a planning tool if we could have a full glance of our tasks info in List View, besides "tags", "due date" and the repeat symbol. For instance:

- list (only tags are displayed)
- estimate
- location
- given to

This has been requested a while ago here in the community, but someone objected that it might clutter the screen, and that smart lists would suffice to sort and manage tasks.

I do not agree, this is not about sorting/organizing/filtering. This is about that very last decision-making moment after we have already made a manageable triage, and it would be very helpful to have as much information available on screen as possible. This is not clutter!!

Perhaps the dev team might give us the option to choose which fields we want to display, so users of different profiles (minimalists as well as the detail-oriented) could customize RTM as they seem fit.

This post originated from my reply to a question made by @mossoffa on the Help Forum. Thank you.
Posted at 5:49pm on February 28, 2022
dave.liao says:
Thanks for submitting this - agree on having an even more information-rich view *be possible* since there are folks using RTM on devices like tablets and PCs.

I wouldn't necessarily want to add more fields while using RTM on a smartphone, but that's what customization is for. 😅
Posted 2 years ago
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