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Add more priority levels

Started by gmalone Web app31 comments

Color code tasks by which list they belong to

Started by john.farrell Web app5 comments

Support for Markdown in notes

Started by ivan.aga Web app64 comments

Ability to 'invite' Remember The Milk to events in Google Calendar, and add the events as tasks

Started by (closed account) Google Calendar2 comments

Snooze button for notifications

Started by dice1976 iPhone app15 commentsAnswered

Ability to change the completed date

Started by matt.stedeford Web app129 comments

Show completed tasks in the same list view

Started by richard.tea Web app143 comments

Customize the order of lists and Smart Lists

Started by jsn7821 Android app4 comments

Support for the Pomodoro Technique

Started by scoinva Web app90 comments

Option to hide ideas you've already voted on

Started by tvjames General0 comments

When selecting a due date from the 'Basic' list, show today + 8 days instead of today + 7 days (so you can make the task due on the same day next week)

Started by philipbowman iPhone app1 comment

Ability to reorder notes

Started by houweb Web app33 comments

Show tasks due today in bold in the widget

Started by cecolon Android app0 comments

Add URL field

Started by justdoro Bookmarklet13 comments

Make the note icon clickable

Started by (closed account) Web app5 comments

Custom statuses for tasks (e.g. not started, started, in progress, etc)

Started by vicentginer Web app20 comments

Ability to 'Select All', for example to postpone all tasks

Started by alicea Android app16 comments

Smart Add from the Google Chrome address bar

Started by ams24 New integrations13 comments

Link an existing task to a Gmail email

Started by cpeikert Gmail add-on9 comments

Ability to tap on tag names

Started by rod.satterwhite iPad app4 commentsAnswered