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Show tasks due in a monthly calendar view

jsantiago says:
I Love the RTM iPhone App, but it would be very useful if a Calendar "Monthly view" could be added to it. It would be neat if the Calendar View added is similar to the one under the Nubi Do App (also for the iPhone). Under the Calendar view for the Nubi Do App, daily tasks are displayed using a "badge-like icon" listing the total number of tasks scheduled for each day.

This will help users to better identify free days to schedule new appointments or tasks.

If a Monthly view is added, I hope it is not limited only to the current month. It would be practical if users are able to scroll through every month to view, update, and add tasks.

Posted at 2:35am on August 23, 2009
ranbarton Power Poster says:
If you bring your RTM into Gcal or iCal as an ICS feed (not the little blue checkbox, you can see all of your tasks arrayed in a calendar view. It's read-only, so you cannot use this method to rearrange things, alas.
Posted 14 years ago
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