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Customizable priority colors

Started by blue Web app109 comments

Multifactor authentication

Started by action.manager General60 comments

Customize reminders for specific lists/tags

Started by xynetha Reminders33 comments

Drag and drop to reorder tasks

Started by braden iPhone app4 comments

Don't use GPS if there are no tasks with location

Started by alex3d.p Android app3 comments

Swipe left and right to change list (while in task list view)

Started by hagglelad Android app8 comments

Show list name in Smart Lists

Started by (closed account) Web app31 comments

Show number of days remaining, in addition to the due date

Started by bob.cayne Web app1 comment

Include URL to email when adding from Gmail

Started by nathan.yergler Gmail add-on15 comments

Option to hide the Sent list

Started by justin.baeder Web app80 comments

Set rules for reminders (e.g., send to phone if priority 3, send to email if priority 2, etc)

Started by dmrosenthal Reminders7 comments

Make 'delete' a button instead of an option in 'more actions'

Started by krohn Web app2 comments

Calendar picker for due dates

Started by silbi Gmail add-on7 comments

Choose a type of date picker to be the default (instead of the basic one every time)

Started by (closed account) Android app5 comments

Ability to tap the location in the task details view, and open in Google Maps

Started by brandon.hodge Android app4 comments

Trello integration

Started by seamus.bradley New integrations33 comments

Color code tasks by which list they belong to

Started by john.farrell Web app4 comments

Add Kanban boards/functionality

Started by sabrinah New integrations38 comments

Option to include notes in email reminders

Started by andrewski Reminders4 comments

In addition to Complete and Postpone, a 'Follow Up' option (marks a task complete and creates a new task to follow up at a future date)

Started by chris.mendoza Web app4 comments