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Include URL to email when adding from Gmail

nathan.yergler says:

The new version of GMail provides a URL for individual messages (this makes forward/back work as you'd expect). It'd be extremely handy to populate the URL field for a task with that URL when making an email into a Task. That way I have more than just the subject line to go on (and RTM becomes a little more integrated into my daily workflow).

Posted at 1:55am on June 13, 2008

alex.etc says:

Agreed! I was about to post a new topic on this exact idea.

This feature would make the gmail extension about 2x as useful

Posted 6 years ago

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

This would be of immense utility.

Posted 6 years ago

apgordon says:

YES! +++1. Right now I've been copying and pasting in the gmail URL into the forwarded message so I have the link back to the orig. message.

Posted 6 years ago

asifm42 says:

and an automatic tag - "gmail"

Posted 6 years ago

dan.steingart says:

Agreed: would be very cool

Posted 6 years ago

alexisa says:

This is a critical feature for me!

Posted 6 years ago

alexisa says:

This may help:

Posted 6 years ago

scott.kirkman says:

I agree that having the gmail url in the task would be fabulous. Often I would like to change the task name to something other than the email subject, but I know that I will never find the original email again if I do that.

If this gets implemented, please ensure it works with hosted gmail eg mail.google.com/a/mydomain.com as well as gmail.com.


Posted 5 years ago

mkny13 says:

Just came to suggest this idea. It makes me sad that it's been out there for 2 years already :/ Any hope of this?

Posted 3 years ago

felixc says:


Posted 3 years ago

styxiak says:


Posted 3 years ago

iaind1957 says:

I also just came to post this as an excellent idea - and I'm sad its been here for 3.5 years!!

Alternative, if its easier, would be to add the body of the email as a Note, but i think the URL idea is neater and more useful overall as it gives access to the whole conversation rather than just 1 email.

Posted 3 years ago

stevie9441 says:

automatic tag gmail

Posted 2 years ago

lillgu Pro says:


Posted 1 year ago

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