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Make 'delete' a button instead of an option in 'more actions'

(closed account) says:
I'd like to have a button to delete my tasks, instead of delete them via the dropdown-box.

I use delete much more often than the complete-button, because completed tasks I do not need any more in my lists. I even do not need the history of completed tasks. that's why i delete them.

In order to not annoy the people using the complete button, the delete button should be additional or the user should be able to decide (in stettings) if he wants a delete or complete button.

what do you think?
Posted at 6:38am on October 20, 2010
willie1001 says:
did you know you can use the delete button on your keyboard to delete tasks?
Posted 10 years ago
crystal.odenkirk says:
There's a distinct UI reason to make delete a little harder than complete. Complete is something you can change simply by changing the status. Delete is permanent if you don't immediately catch the "undo?" notification (which most people will ignore because they expect it to say whatever they think they just did rather than reading it to see what it actually said). If delete was a button next to complete, it would be very easy to hit it accidentally. By putting it in the dropdown, it's separate from the easily fixable (and more common for the average user) actions. That doesn't stop things from being deleted accidentally, but it does require more attention on the part of the user to get to the delete function, so it's less likely. It's a UI rule: Make positive actions big and easy to hit with one click. Make negative actions, particularly those which are irrevocable, smaller and more obscured so that they require more attention to perform.

As willie1001 says, there's a keyboard shortcut to get around that if you use the delete a lot.
Posted 10 years ago
mesmes says:
Please add a direct delete button on Android. I use many repeating tasks, but sometimes I cannot catch up with them. I don't like to delete all of their istances one by one, when they are not valid anymore. Also, while rewising my tasks and ideas if they are still valid, I usually delete those that are not needed anymore instead of completing.
As there is a trash in RTM, recovering a task should not be a problem.
Posted 10 months ago
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