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Include URL to email when adding from Gmail

Started by nathan.yergler Gmail add-on15 comments

Calendar picker for due dates

Started by silbi Gmail add-on8 comments

Link an existing task to a Gmail email

Started by cpeikert Gmail add-on9 comments

Option to add the text of the email as a note when creating a task from an email

Started by shawn.perry Gmail add-on2 comments

Sort by tag

Started by andreas.warberg Gmail add-on4 comments

Support for notes

Started by john.schauer Gmail add-on7 comments

Ability to link several emails to one task

Started by karl740106 Gmail add-on1 comment

Add 'with' as a keyword when connecting tasks with contacts

Started by tbuman Gmail add-on0 comments

Auto-inherit properties when adding to Smart Lists

Started by boxinxu Gmail add-on2 comments

Support for keyboard shortcuts

Started by red197 Gmail add-on0 comments

Show list name in list view

Started by (closed account) Gmail add-on3 comments

Ability to link multiple emails/contacts to existing tasks

Started by marcelo.ueda Gmail add-on2 comments

More sorting options

Started by Gmail add-on2 comments

After adding a task, return cursor to the entry field

Started by craig.worth Gmail add-on0 comments

Group by list name

Started by tronash Gmail add-on8 comments

Ability to share tasks

Started by tim.sietman Gmail add-on3 comments

Setting for first day of a week

Started by itainathaniel Gmail add-on1 comment

Show tags in the list view

Started by krithix Gmail add-on1 comment

Auto-complete tags

Started by joelbrock Gmail add-on1 comment

Create tasks from emails using other Gmail interfaces

Started by jjwhite Gmail add-on2 commentsAnswered