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Group by list name

tronash says:
It would really sexy to be able to group by Lists in the Gmail plug-in. I manage all of my tasks using lists and this would make an incredible plug-in even cooler.

Grouping by list could be any type of list - smart or otherwise.

Posted at 9:53pm on January 17, 2008
patcampbell says:
I agree, grouping by list would be a really useful feature.
Posted 13 years ago
ahairyass says:
I agree... I organize by list (different projects, etc) and dates are only important within a specific list.

Please add grouping by list as a feature for the Gmail and igoogle interfaces.

Posted 13 years ago
jive says:
oh yes. you said it.
Posted 13 years ago
(closed account) says:
I agree, this would really help me get a complete view of where I'm at and help me be more productive.
Posted 13 years ago
sangoram says:
A corollary to this request would be:
since you can already limit what you see to a smart list, list, tag, or location, in addition to "All tasks" in the gmail plugin by selecting as such under the add task bar,
It would be really sweet if you are limiting yourself to a smart list in the above manner that when you add a task in this view it automatically gains the attributes of the subset you are looking at.
Thus if you are looking at you "grocery list"
adding bananas, adds this to your grocery list.
If you are looking at you "@phone" location,
adding call mom, adds this task with location: @phone.
etc. for tags, smart lists etc.
It seems like this might be straightforward? (Dumb limited programmer speaking of course)

By the way this app totally rocks and I am proselytizing for it to everyone I think will listen. Keep up the great work!
Posted 13 years ago
giro says:
+1 i agree, i'd love this feature!
Posted 13 years ago
thomas.galligani says:
I'm waiting would make an already superb application even more usable
Posted 13 years ago
joe.golton says:
Group by List within Gmail is the single biggest thing I would want to be different about RTM. It matches better with how my brain works to see a whole bunch of collapsed lists with only perhaps one or two open at a time.

I agree also with sangoram that when I limit the view to a certain list, entering a new task should go onto that list, not the default list.
Posted 13 years ago
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