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Add URL field

justdoro says:


I'm using and loving the QuickAdd feature from within Safari and Firefox.

Could you change the feature to also save the URL to the task URL property?

Posted at 5:15pm on December 9, 2010

raymond.bergmark ProPower Poster says:

Read more in this thread http://www.rememberthemilk.com/forums/tips/3133/ , especially this part:

"ryankennedy says:

One more version of the bookmarklet:

- uses the mobile version of the UI
- uses browser's current URL in the new task's URL field
- if you have selected text, uses that as the task name, otherwise it uses the Page Title


NOTE: remove the "_" in java_script"

Basically you make your own Quick Add and use the mobile site (you need to log in once) on your computer.

Posted 4 years ago

justdoro says:



Posted 4 years ago

leinad.klein says:

works, thank you! But this should be added at official site, too.

Posted 4 years ago

dsteele Pro says:

I'm surprised that there is still not official support for this. I find myself revisiting this issue every 6 months.

Posted 3 years ago

dsteele Pro says:

Workaround doesn't work for me (probably again - as I said, this comes up a couple times a year). It asks for a login every time, and opens to a blank form.

Posted 3 years ago

michaelcaruso says:


Posted 3 years ago

gandalf256 says:

so simple, and usefull why not add it

Posted 3 years ago

bgoodr says:

please add it so that the &url= part actually works.

Posted 3 years ago

cforgy says:

Very awesome. Thanks! That's been irritating me for a while now ...

Posted 3 years ago

bruleee says:

Thanks @rajjan, the code still works. Only annoying part is it doesn't autopopulate the task name with the title of the page, and I have to manually paste the date into the due field. But it does save the url!

Posted 2 years ago

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