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In addition to Complete and Postpone, a 'Follow Up' option (marks a task complete and creates a new task to follow up at a future date)

chris.mendoza says:
On many occasions I have tasks which I complete, but not with a satisfactory conclusion, pending a response or action from another party. It would be helpful if there was an additional option to mark a task complete, but at the same time create a new task to follow up at a future date/time to ensure the action was completed by the third party.
Posted at 1:16pm on September 4, 2009
(closed account) says:
Excellent idea.
Posted 11 years ago
graeme.jamieson says:
Would really appreciate this too. At present I create new tasks, which takes time and adds to the clutter of tasks.
Posted 11 years ago
nah.why says:
This is Mark Forster's Getting Everything Done and his various task management systems. I do this too all the time. Duplicate task. Complete old one. Set new due date on new one.
Posted 5 years ago
andy.marcoux says:
Love this idea!
Posted 2 years ago
ulinlam19 says:
Yes!!! Right now I do this by changing the name of the actual task. So I have a task called "get moving estimate for Jane," and then when I get the moving estimate, I change the name of that task to "Send moving estimate to Jane." I could also use this for communications with clients... Send email to Jane, follow up with Jane, etc. This feels weird... would love a separate task
Posted 1 year ago
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