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Ability to set a default location per list

Started by john.brady Web app4 comments

Customize sort order for completed tasks

Started by boxinxu Web app23 comments

Reassign task as subtask

Started by (closed account) Web app18 comments

Hide/show lists based on current location (e.g. only show work-related lists at work)

Started by dominic.spachmann Web app4 comments

Ability to convert a task into a list

Started by tats_y Web app0 comments

Print a list with subtasks (and with notes)

Started by muwocad Web app9 comments

Nest tags

Started by (closed account) Web app6 comments

Ability to email non-members with shared tasks and lists

Started by emeraldconsulting Web app6 comments

Ability to add tasks from the Overview screen

Started by isho Web app3 comments

Ability to convert a tag into a list

Started by marianobenitez Web app1 comment

Print the date/time the list was printed

Started by jfanow Web app4 comments

Show the list name for each task on the Overview screen

Started by tm2000 Web app4 comments

Show start date in task list

Started by gioele Web app6 comments

Assign contacts without email address to tasks - virtual contacts

Started by newsfreak Web app11 comments

Allow lists to have notes (like tasks do)

Started by birdb Web app2 comments

Support for HTML in notes

Started by rlemise Web app17 comments

Ability to click a tag in the tag cloud, hold the shift key, then click more tags to append to the search

Started by (closed account) Web app8 comments

In Smart Add, when an auto-complete item is selected and you press 'tab', keep the cursor in the field

Started by (closed account) Web app2 comments

Ability to archive tags

Started by beny Web app10 comments

Themes - add users pictures & sharing

Started by (closed account) Web app5 comments